Got stuck in Malta during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Here is how you can boost your productivity from home.

Did the pandemic interrupt your holiday in Malta? Now you are staying at home and working from your home office. Your work project is waiting for your bright ideas. However, you tend to feel unproductive and kind of lazy? The comfort of your bed or favourite sofa is more attractive than the waiting work tasks? We feel your pain. Here is why we have gathered some useful ideas to help you get out of this unproductive situation and get back to the work with a full power.

Where the “magic” happens

Clear desk, clear thoughts

Let’s begin with your desk. Look at it. Does it look like a mess? Be honest. We all have old pens that haven’t been working for months, but we still keep them there. Next come the old paper files, folders and others just standing there and taking space. This whole pile of stuff is distracting. We often loose time looking at old papers or trying to find the new ones in this total mess, don’t we? That is why your working space should be clear. Get rid of all the unusable things and make space for the next wave of papers.

The Lighting

Warmer is better

Several studies have shown that a certain lighting conditions can have a positive effect on our productivity. Although our DNA works better when under cooler light, the warmer one is what you need. It is said that it has benefits on people’s health and mental well-being, especially on workers who remain inside an office for an entire day.

Moreover, natural light emitted both during the day and night can, according to studies, reduce depression, boost energy, creativity and productivity.

Another factor is the temperature, especially in a hot country like Malta. Don’t be afraid to do some rearranging! Move the furniture, send the desk near a window and enjoy some the sun!

Bring the nature inside

Stones are surprisingly camling

An all time tip that always works. In order to be creative, you need to feel “free” as if you are not working. Your new workplace should feel like a trip destination. Imagine you are walking in a spacious, shady forest, you can hear the birds singing and you feel the gentle, relaxing wind in your face.

This is the moment when you become so energetic, motivated and full of new ideas, aren’t you? Well you can’t have the forest in your home but some flowers and plants around you would have the same effect.

If you want to go further with bringing the nature element at your home, try adding some stones, too.

The outdoor office

Take the homeoffice outside

Malta is a beautiful country with amazing nature and architecture. Most houses in Malta have a fantastic roof terraces or gardens perfect for relaxing or working. Just take your laptop outside, take a cold drink and enjoy the lovely views around you. Make sure you find a perfect shady spot to escape the hot Maltease sun.

Your house doesn’t have a roof terrace or a garden? Or you don’t have a house at all? Don’t worry, your balcony or terrace could easily become your outdoor office, too. Seafront apartments would be one of the best options for home office. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching the sea waves while earning some money?

Having to work from home shouldn’t be a nightmare. The swap of the dull office atmosphere with the comfort of the home should be a welcome change. All the distractions at home like the comfortable sofa or bed, luring you for a nap, may be a problem when it comes to being productive and creative. However, with those tips you can turn your home into a factory for great ideas and enjoy your stay in Malta.