What is the property market like in Malta and are property prices stable or increasing?

You’re about to explore the delightful property market in Malta, a Mediterranean haven known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and contemporary lifestyle. From opulent seafront villas to charming townhouses, there’s a property to suit every preference and budget.

Let’s dive into some numbers. Over the past few years, Malta has experienced consistent growth in property prices. This demand for Maltese real estate has been fueled by a robust economy, enticing residency and citizenship programs, and an increasing number of foreign investors and expats seeking a sunny, tax-efficient destination. Consequently, property prices in Malta have risen, with certain areas experiencing more significant growth than others.

Property market malta growth in prices

For instance, in sought-after areas like Sliema and St. Julian’s, you can expect to pay around €300,000 for a one-bedroom apartment, while more luxurious properties can go for well over €1 million. In more affordable locations, such as Mosta and Naxxar, you can find three-bedroom apartments or townhouses starting at around €200,000.

Despite global economic uncertainties, the Maltese property market has shown remarkable resilience. While prices may not be soaring as rapidly as before, they’ve remained stable and continue to rise gradually. This is partly due to the government’s efforts to maintain a balanced market by implementing measures like the First-Time Buyers’ Scheme and reduced stamp duty rates.

For instance, under the First-Time Buyers’ Scheme, first-time homebuyers are exempt from paying stamp duty on the first €175,000 of the property’s value. Additionally, reduced stamp duty rates have been introduced for both locals and foreigners, making it more accessible for people to invest in property. For example, in 2020, the government temporarily reduced the stamp duty rate from 5% to 1.5% on the first €400,000 of a property’s value, providing significant savings for buyers.

In summary, Malta’s property market offers an appealing and dynamic landscape for potential investors and homebuyers. With stable yet steadily increasing prices, now is the perfect time for you to delve into this Mediterranean paradise and discover the ideal property that aligns with your needs and aspirations. So, here’s to your successful house hunting journey!