Underfloor Heating For Bathrooms

There’s nothing worse than having to drag yourself into a damp freezing bathroom on a cold winter morning. We dread the minute we have to get the covers off us, and we loathe having to expose ourselves to the humid cruelty of Maltese bathrooms.

Magnum Underfloor Heating provides the most comfortable way of heating a room, unlike warm air released from a singular convection radiator or heater, which leads to an uneven distribution of heat energy. This is why we often end up with warm heads and cold feet when indoors.


Underfloor Heating works its way around this through the direct implementation of heat from the floor.

The heat released rises evenly from your flooring, thus keeping your feet and legs warm as it ascends to the ceiling. Since the energy source is equally spread out, your installed system provides a very uniform distribution of heat, and through proper controls, you’ll also be able to save money on energy costs.


Whether you’re building a new home or just looking to renovate and update your rooms, Magnum Heating has a variety of flexible and adaptable options, including systems that are suitable for parquet, laminate and wooden flooring. You may choose between electrical and water systems, always depending on the conditions of your home.


The fluctuating temperatures of the Mediterranean are also taken into account. Climate-control thermostats automatically adjust the energy released, thus keeping your electricity bills in check. These can also be operated according to your needs with user-friendly settings, creating optimal comfort for everyone.

Keep frozen toes and sky-high bills at bay this winter with humidity-eliminating underfloor heating.

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