The Malta Real Estate Landscape: Autumn 2023 Trends

As we move into Autumn 2023, it’s evident that our local real estate market continues to be both dynamic and multifaceted. The spectrum of choices available to residents, from modern apartments to historic palazzos, reflects the diversity of our beloved island. Here’s a snapshot of the current trends in Malta’s property prices for various property types:


These remain popular choices for both locals and foreigners. Prices vary significantly based on size:


  • A standard 2-bedroom apartment fetches around €313,466.
  • For those seeking more space, a 3-bedroom comes in at an average of €419,767.
  • The more luxurious 4-bedroom units are priced upwards of €978,518.


These offer elevated views and are often synonymous with luxury.

  • 2-bedroom penthouses average €393,718.
  • Larger 3-bedroom units command prices around €598,901.



Town Houses:

Ideal for those who appreciate a blend of traditional and modern living.


  • 2-bedroom maisonettes and townhouses are priced at €295,220 and €438,730 respectively.
  • 3-bedroom variants of both property types hover around the €380,000 to €664,545 range.


Representing the pinnacle of luxury.


  • 3-bedroom villas command an average of €1,859,575.
  • Opulent 4+ bedroom variants can fetch as much as €2,775,188.

Houses of Character:

These are gems for history enthusiasts, with prices for 3-bedroom units averaging €804,956.

Farm Houses:

Perfect for those seeking rustic charm.

  • The price for a 3-bedroom farmhouse stands at an average of €1,788,236.

Palazzos and Castles:

Steeped in history and grandeur.


  • 3-bedroom palazzos and castles are priced around €2,300,536 and €3,500,000 respectively.

Country Houses:

A symbol of grandiosity, with 4+ bedroom variants fetching around €6,250,000.

Whether you’re seeking a cozy apartment, a luxurious villa, or a historical palazzo, Malta’s diverse property market has something to offer for every taste and budget. However, prices are constantly changing, so potential buyers and investors should keep a close eye on market trends and seek expert guidance.