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Pembroke is a town situated in the Northern region of Malta and has a population of 3,645 people in an area of 2.3km² bordering Naxxar, St Julian’s and Swieqi. Pembroke is considered to be the newest town on the Island and officially became a town with its own council in 1993.


Fort Pembroke

The whole area in Pembroke was a British military base between 1850 and 1979. Its location next to the sea was perfect for setting up shooting ranges, Military barracks, Officers Quarters and training grounds.

Just a quick trip around the town and you will see many remains from the British presence, in fact the shooting range is still in use today by the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) and many old buildings have been turned in to housing estates or public buildings.


St Andrew’s Barracks

Pembroke is conveniently located just off the main road, next to the sea and close to shopping malls, restaurants and nightlife, popular with foreign English language students. A lot of educational institutions have taken advantage of the location and room to build, you can now find:

  • St Clare Primary and Secondary State Schools
  • Verdala International School
  • The Institute of Tourism Studies
  • St Michael’s Foundation
  • STC Training
  • Sir Adrian Dingli Junior Lyceum / St Clare College Girls’ Junior Lyceum Pembroke
  • Framingham State College
  • Sprachcaffe
  • St Catherine’s High School
  • Institute of Management (MIM)
  • San Miguel School

Pembroke is considered to be a bit of an upmarket area and property prices are a bit on the high side.