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Msida is a harbour town located in the Central region of Malta with a population of 8545 people in an area of 1.7km² making this a very densely populated area. Being so centrally located Msida has to be passed through for most travelers as most routes go through it, also the main reasons why the Junior College, University of Malta and Mater Dei Hospital were built here.


University of Malta

St Joseph is the patron saint of Msida while the protector is The Holy Conception. Their feast is celebrated on the first Sunday after the 16th July and lasts for over a week. One of the most popular events in their feast is il-gostra which is a greasy pole erected at a steep angle over the sea and the challenge is to get to the end without falling off.


Parish Church

Msida was built on reclaimed land from the sea at the end of a valley which causes massive flooding when it rains. Recently a passageway for storm waters was made, but the area still suffers in heavy rains.

One of the largest marinas can be found in Msida, berthing approximately 700 yachts. The famous Black Pearl ship can be found on land at the end of the marina after suffering a fire and sinking. The owners at the time couldn’t afford to repair it and it was bought and turned in to a popular restaurant.


Aerial view of the Marina

Property in Msida varies from apartment blocks to terraced townhouses and being in such close proximity to Gzira and Sliema makes this a great investment area for buy to let.

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