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Mqabba is a town situated in the Southern region of Malta and has a population of 3,315 people in an area of 2.6km² and borders Kirkop, Luqa, Qrendi, Siggiewi and Zurrieq. On the outer parts of Mqabba it is very barren due to the amount of limestone quarries in the area, in fact Mqabba accounts for a quarter of all of the quarries in Malta.


Parish Church

The parish church is the main landmark dedicated to the Assumption which is celebrated on the 15th August along with six other villages. In the piazza there are two band clubs which practise all year round for the village feast which is very popular with the residents.



The firework shows in Mqabba are very popular and competition is very big between the two firework factories; St Mary Fireworks Factory and the Lily Fireworks Factory. They have won a number of international awards. In June 2011, the Lily Fireworks Factory earned a place in the Guinness book of records with the largest Catherine wheel ever made with a diameter of 32 meters.


Mintna Catacombs

There are still many other interesting sites to see in this village such as Bur Meghez cave and Mintna Catacombs which are a complex of 139 cubic meters discovered in 1860 in Diamond Jubilee Square.