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Mdina is a fortified city in the Central region of Malta with a population of just 300 people bordering Attard, Rabat and Mtarfa. Also known as Citta Nobile after all the Noble families that once lived there, Mdina used to be the Capital of Malta and held great importance.


Mdina Aerial View


Mdina entrance gate

With almost 3000 years of history, the city was originally named Maleth by the Phoenicians in 700 BC and later renamed to Melite by the Romans. When under Arab occupation, the name was changed again to Mdina after the Arab word medina.


Charming narrow streets

Mdina remained the capital of Malta till 1530 when the Order of St John moved it to Birgu. Things really slowed down in Mdina after being such an active place, earning the nickname The Silent City. Mdina is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Island and is even on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Parish Church

Just walking around the long narrow streets of Mdina will eventually lead you to the cathedral which is definitely worth going in to and then on to the bastions where you will see breathtaking views of the whole Island.

As Mdina is a protected city with large Noble houses, property prices are quite high.