MDA Advocates for Strict Adherence to Local Development Plans Amid ODZ Concerns

mada malta

The Malta Development Association (MDA) voiced reservations and apprehensions on Saturday about the proposal of commercial structures in Outside Development Zones (ODZ).

The MDA maintained that irrespective of a project’s height or size, commercial infrastructures should exclusively be sanctioned in zones earmarked for them in the corresponding local plans. ODZ developments should be strictly limited to pre-defined areas.

Raising alarm over the possible implications these constructions might have on upcoming ventures in comparable zones, the MDA highlighted its profound unease. The recent nod of approval by the concerned officer has stirred doubts regarding its conformity with longstanding planning norms and guidelines.

For community-centric amenities such as schools, healthcare centers, hospitals, and other vital establishments catering to the public and private sectors, the ideal location is within planned areas. Only if these sites are not feasible, should locations outside the development zone be contemplated.

MDA remains unwavering in its mission to champion both sustainable development practices and the objectives of its affiliates in the property and building industries.

The organization underscores the paramountcy of staying true to development blueprints and the specifics – encompassing current site obligations and those detailed in the pertinent Local Plans and Design directives. Such strict compliance is pivotal to safeguarding Malta’s distinctive landscape and heritage, the MDA concluded in its statement.