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Kalkara is located in the South Eastern region of Malta and has a population of 3,014 people in an area of 1.8km². This picturesque village borders Birgu, Xghajra and Zabbar. Being located in the Kalkara Creek within the Grand Harbour, Kalkara developed as a fishing village and was said to be the first inhabited place in Malta by primitive emigrants from Sicilians.

Luzzus in the Kalkara marina

Luzzus in the Kalkara marina

When the Knights of St John fortified The Three Cities and built Fort Ricasoli at the entrance of the Grand Harbour leaving Kalkara outside of the walls as it was often referred to in those days. After the corsair and Turkish attacks finally ceased, Kalkara began to develop and was considered to be a suburb of Birgu.


The 100-ton Armstrong gun at Fort Rinella

Being so close to Cottonera and the drydocks meant Kalkara took quite a lot of punishment. On 10thApril 1942, the parish church was bombed during an air raid leaving nothing behind. Once the Island gained Independence in 1964, construction in Malta began again at quite a pace and the government built a new residential area. In other construction work many large terraced houses and villas were built in the area around Triq il-Missjoni but still managed to keep its picturesque charm.


Kalkara’s Hospital

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