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Cospicua also known as Bormla in Maltese is one of The Three Cities along with Birgu and Senglea and is located in the Grand Harbour just across from Valletta. Having a population of 5395 people in an area of just 0.9km², makes Cospicua the densest of The Three Cities.



The history of Cospicua goes back a very long way, with maritime facilities starting in 600BC and inhabitants dating back to Neolithic times. In 1776, the Order of St John started construction of the dockyard which became an important role in developing The Three Cities as this was used primarily by the British during the wars creating thousands of jobs for locals. This has since been privatised in the last ten years and many job losses were incurred.


St Helen’s Gate

Cospicuas football team St Georges F.C. is said to be the oldest on the Island dating back to 1885. Similarly with their regatta club, they were one of the first to be set up and have won over 17 shields in this highly competitive rowing race which takes place every year.


The Parish Church

The government was granted EU funding to renovate the whole Cospicua waterfront and which was finished in 2013. The area is a lot more accessible and there is even a ferry service running regularly between Sliema, Valletta and Cospicua.

Cospicua is attracting more and more foreign investment and property prices are going up at a steady rate due to its great location by the sea and overlooking Valletta whilst retaining its Maltese

Estate Agents In Cospicua (Bormla)

CityPro Real Estate Cospicua Office
7/8 Santa Tereza
Frank Salt Real Estate Cospicua Branch
38, St Theresa Street
Cospicua, BML 1253