LOOK GOZO is certainly not going global in the name but surely local in the approach. The real estate business is built upon personal relationships and trust; therefore we look to build such client relationships by providing our own independent and personal opinion backed up by facts and real-time information - with no shareholders to satisfy but only the needs of our valued clientele.

Although this launched office can be seen as a new born, it is formed and backed up by years of experience in such a field. Along the years we worked hard to deliver a service we simply would have appreciated receiving ourselves - proudly resulting in repeat business and recommendations. Therefore with such knowledge and personal service of a local agent sourced by an extensive network of properties, we are committed to providing a expected high level of service and delivering results.

We like to think we are experts but only the constant focus, specifically on the Gozo Real Estate and Property Market, might get us close. The market is alive and although it does not move at a breakneck speed it has a solid continuous pace. Our philosophy is to shepherd over and constantly update our extensive database; it is essential to us to avoid any misstep as a simple delay can result into an unsuccessful ending. Such monitoring coupled with the local branding will help us tailor our services to meet one's needs. We further commit to fulfilling our clients requirements by offering assistance through valuations, finance advise from local banks, property insurance assistance and design solutions.

Where are we heading? When it came to choosing a sub-liner definition we have shortlisted the statement; "your source to Gozo properties". For many this could be just another fill-in advertising quote, for us it is our present and future aim of being a relevant tool in the hand of the buyer or seller in Gozo's Real Estate.



The Cliff
Arch P. Pace Str
VCT 2504