Island Properties

Island Properties, the brain child of Cecil McCarthy and Alan Attard, originally started off in 2015 as an evolved version of McCarthy Rentals. McCarthy Rentals was initially a family run business, founded in 2010, with the scope of finding appropriate tenants for the family dwellings spread all over the central part of Malta.

With the client base quickly outgrowing the property base, Cecil, the eldest son, decided to set up McCarthy Rentals. Without looking back, the team kept growing and now offers a vast range of properties for rent, situated all over the island of Malta.

Island Properties now offers a succinct variety of ‘Buy to Let’ properties for clients, both for foreigners or natives, who yearn to mount the Maltese real estate ladder, as well as properties for first time buyers and foreigners looking to buy a luxury dwelling to call home.

With the sole aim of becoming a leader in the field of ‘buying to let’ and with a vast amount of properties being added to the database regularly, Island Properties constantly endeavor to find affordable and well priced properties to offer their clients with a service similar to that expected of a family member.


Island Properties
20, Guze Ellul Mercer Street