Gold Lion Holding

Gold Lion Holding is no ordinary group of companies-its essence is to ease the overall customer experience by converging all property related services under one roof. Gold Lion Holding’s partners possess a diverse, rich portfolio of businesses around the globe. Ranging from import & export, aviation to finance, Gold Lion Holding’s strategy is being defined by leading international business experts.

Our journey in the Maltese property market began with the launch of our real estate division: Gold Lion Real Estate. A comprehensive market research was conducted to classify the target market, property trends, current players and other relevant variables.

We identified service gaps in many dimensions and formed Gold Lion Holding to fill those very gaps. With the launch of Gold Lion Real Estate, Gold Lion Construction, Gold Lion Property Development, and Gold Lion Holiday, we differentiate ourselves with a business model that is not only strategic in nature yet effective in business execution. We believe strongly that silo vision is an organisational barrier and restricts a company in achieving its true potential. At Gold Lion Holding, all divisions and departments work in sync and enjoy openness in transparency, communication and information sharing. An integrated, motivated workforce will accomplish incredible milestones and take the company to new heights of success.

How are we different?

Our focus is simple. We aim to provide you with a great customer experience. But we try to go one step further. How? By inspiring to build a community.

Social responsibility is one of the core values of our company. Gold Lion Holding strives to create a community of cooperation and collaboration through such events. We hope to inspire other companies to join our social efforts and make a positive difference in Malta. This is the mindset of our team; no matter how large or small business is, we can all come together for a good cause.

Yes, we are for real.

Real Deal.
Real People.
Real Estate.


Gold Lion Holding
10 / 12 Bisazza Street
SLM 1640