Cassar & Cooper Real Estate

Cassar & Cooper Real Estate has a large number of residential and commercial properties for sale or rent on behalf of their clients. A large selection from our extensive database may be searched online by using various criteria e.g. location, price, type etc. Photos of most of the properties are included.

Prospective purchasers are advised not only on types of property available on the market but also on permits, local taxes and other matters by professional staff and a resident solicitor all of whom have a great deal of experience in the local market.

Property for sale or rent is advertised locally and overseas. Local properties are also promoted at specialized fairs abroad and through overseas representatives and associates.

There is a management service for non-resident owners which includes cleaning, decoration and furnishing. Regular accounting statements also itemize rents collected and bills paid.


Cassar & Cooper Real Estate
54, Mensija Street
St Julians