316 Real Estate

316 Real Estate was established by a team of property professionals in response to their clientele’s need for guidance in the ever-changing property market of the Maltese Islands. We are here to help our clientele in listing, selling, and renting their property all over the 316 km² of land covered by the Maltese Islands, and bearing this in mind, the company’s name was created – 316 Real Estate.

As real estate agents, being all different individuals and coming from diverse backgrounds, we work well as a team, as each agent brings to the table their own set of skills to collaboratively be able to meet each client’s needs. Moreover, we are all united by one solid goal – assisting people in the property market and guaranteeing their satisfaction.

Having a passion for architecture, a keen eye for detail and all being licensed real estate agents, each member of the team has the necessary experience and expertise to support you from inception to completion in your property quest.

Moreover, we also provide legal and bank loan guidance and keep everyone on the team updated with current legislation and government schemes because our aim is not a short-term gain but rather forging a long-lasting relationship with our clientele built on mutual trust and respect to open the possibility of doing business again in the future. Loyalty to our clientele is one of the pillars of our company


316 Real Estate - Birkirkara