Underfloor Heating For Bathrooms

There’s nothing worse than having to drag yourself into a damp freezing bathroom on a cold winter morning. We dread the minute we have to get the covers off us, and we loathe having to expose ourselves to the humid cruelty of Maltese bathrooms.

5 Tips to Ensure You Get Your Rental Deposit Back

In Malta, a rental deposit is typically the equivalent to one month’s rent (sometimes more), which is not an amount of money most people can forget about, especially if it’s required as a deposit for their next rental property. Still, many tenants attempt to move on without attempting to leave the property in the state… read more »

Our Top 5 Locations to Buy a Rental Investment

Buying a property to rent in Malta is growing in popularity and over the last few years as buyers have more confidence in being able to rent out their investment due to strong market demand. The bank’s low rate of interest and high rental returns only make it more attractive. Owners of rental investments are… read more »

How to Make your Home More Energy Efficient

Making your home more energy efficient can be done by following some of our simple steps below and has many benefits such as savings on water and electricity bills and causing a smaller carbon print on the Earth. You may have to spend a bit now to make some small changes but you will definitely… read more »


Buying a Property in Malta as a Foreigner

Malta is centrally located in the heart of the Mediterranean, consisting of three islands. It has numerous historic sites spread all over the islands including megalithic templates and giant fortresses. Historic landmarks, world-class marina, a great climate and a unique culture make it an attractive destination for anyone looking to invest in property. Malta is… read more »


Letting Out Your Property in Malta

In this guide, you’ll find out the advantages of letting, understanding your buy-to-let investment and your legal requirements as a landlord. The Advantages of Letting Property If you’re considering becoming a landlord, now’s a good time. In the last few years the letting market has really picked up in Malta and prices have reached the… read more »