Average Property Prices in St. Paul’s Bay – May 2023

Welcome to St. Paul’s Bay, a picturesque seaside town on the northeastern coast of Malta that attracts both locals and expats alike. If you’re considering making St. Paul’s Bay your new home or simply searching for a vacation property, we have the latest average prices for May 2023 right here. From cozy apartments to luxurious villas, St. Paul’s Bay offers a diverse range of properties to suit every taste and budget. Let’s dive in!


Average prices to purchase an apartment in St. Paul's Bay

  • 1 Bedroom Apartments: €197,303
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments: €259,886
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments: €290,282
  • 4+ Bedroom Apartments: €585,800

Apartments in St. Paul’s Bay are perfect for those who enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle, with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. With options for singles, couples, and families, there’s an apartment to match every need.


Average price to purchase a duplex in St. Paul's Bay

  • 2 Bedroom Duplexes: €352,000
  • 3 Bedroom Duplexes: €470,000

If you’re looking for something more spacious, consider a duplex. These two-story residences offer the advantages of apartment living while providing more room for you and your family to spread out.


Average price to purchase a penthouse in St. Paul's Bay

  • 1 Bedroom Penthouses: €249,965
  • 2 Bedroom Penthouses: €342,500
  • 3 Bedroom Penthouses: €490,955

For those who appreciate luxury and breathtaking views, St. Paul’s Bay’s penthouses are the epitome of stylish living. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee on a private terrace overlooking the sparkling sea – now that’s the good life!


Average price to purchase a maisonette in St. Paul's Bay

  • 1 Bedroom Maisonettes: €208,300
  • 2 Bedroom Maisonettes: €267,827
  • 3 Bedroom Maisonettes: €466,862
  • 4+ Bedroom Maisonettes: €430,000

Maisonettes combine the best of apartment living with the feel of a standalone house. Typically situated on the ground floor, these properties often come with outdoor space and separate entrances for added privacy.

Town Houses

Average price to purchase a town house in St. Paul's Bay

  • 1 Bedroom Town Houses: €832,500
  • 2 Bedroom Town Houses: €555,000
  • 3 Bedroom Town Houses: €451,500
  • 4+ Bedroom Town Houses: €485,000

Townhouses in St. Paul’s Bay blend charm and convenience, with easy access to local amenities and beautiful views of the surrounding area. These homes often feature traditional Maltese architecture and characterful details.

Houses of Character

Average price to purchase a house of character in St. Paul's Bay

  • 3 Bedroom Houses of Character: €1,050,000

Houses of Character in St. Paul’s Bay are perfect for those who appreciate historic architecture and unique design elements. These lovingly restored properties offer a distinctive living experience steeped in Maltese history and culture.

In conclusion, St. Paul’s Bay has a variety of properties to suit every preference and budget. From cozy apartments to extravagant villas, this idyllic coastal town is an excellent choice for those looking to make Malta their home or seeking a vacation property. With its stunning views, rich history, and warm Mediterranean climate, St. Paul’s Bay is a place where you’ll love to live, work, and play. So, go ahead and explore the property market in St. Paul’s Bay and discover the perfect place to call your own!

The calculations are based on the Asking Price of properties listed on propertymarket.com.mt at the time of publishing.