Average Property Prices in Qormi – May 2023

Greetings, home-seekers! The real estate adventure today takes us to Qormi, a town nestled in the Southern Region of Malta. Known for its rich history, ancient architecture, and the famous Maltese bread, Qormi’s real estate market is as intriguing as its culture. Let’s have a detailed look at the property prices in Qormi for 2023 and see if your dream home awaits you here.


Average prices to purchase an apartment in Qormi May 2023

  • 1 Bedroom Apartments: €177,143
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments: €218,194
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments: €260,810
  • 4+ Bedroom Apartments: €367,000

Apartments in Qormi cater to a wide range of buyers, from singles and young couples to families requiring extra room. The prices scale up with the number of bedrooms, offering a suitable range for all budget types.


Average prices to purchase a penthouse in Qormi May 2023

  • 1 Bedroom Penthouses: €208,143
  • 2 Bedroom Penthouses: €272,283
  • 3 Bedroom Penthouses: €349,685

The penthouses in Qormi offer stunning views and luxury living. Whether you prefer a compact space or need more room, there’s a penthouse waiting for you.


Average prices to purchase a Maisonette in Qormi May 2023

  • 1 Bedroom Maisonettes: €197,000
  • 2 Bedroom Maisonettes: €257,154
  • 3 Bedroom Maisonettes: €368,326

Maisonettes provide a perfect balance between an apartment and a house, with prices quite reasonable across the board.

Terraced Houses

Average prices to purchase a terraced house in Qormi May 2023

  • 3 Bedroom Terraced Houses: €600,077
  • 4+ Bedroom Terraced Houses: €703,000

Terraced houses in Qormi offer ample space and the classic Maltese charm. These houses are great for families, promising a vibrant community feel.

Houses and Town Houses

Average prices to purchase a house or a town house in Qormi May 2023

Now let’s take a closer look at houses and townhouses. If you’re seeking a house or townhouse that offers a bit more privacy and space, Qormi has a vast selection to consider:

  • 1 Bedroom Houses: €452,000
  • 3 Bedroom Houses: €588,600
  • 4+ Bedroom Houses: €372,000

For townhouses, the prices are:

  • 1 Bedroom Town Houses: €213,000
  • 2 Bedroom Town Houses: €368,545
  • 3 Bedroom Town Houses: €482,962
  • 4+ Bedroom Town Houses: €602,333

Houses of Character

Average prices to purchase a house of character in Qormi May 2023

  • 1 Bedroom Houses of Character: €200,667
  • 2 Bedroom Houses of Character: €425,500
  • 3 Bedroom Houses of Character: €584,158
  • 4+ Bedroom Houses of Character: €1,017,667

Qormi’s “Houses of Character” are essentially traditional houses that are typically Maltese. They often come with features such as traditional Maltese balconies, internal yards, and, sometimes, even a well!

Farm Houses

Average prices to purchase a farm house in Qormi May 2023

  • 4+ Bedroom Farm Houses: €1,047,500

Rural and rustic, farmhouses in Qormi are perfect for those who love nature and tranquillity. With ample space, these homes are perfect for big families or those who love to entertain.


Average prices to purchase a Palazzo in Qormi 2023

  • 3 Bedroom Palazzos: €7,082,500
  • 4+ Bedroom Palazzos: €4,301,688

Qormi’s Palazzos are nothing short of majestic. These historical structures offer a mix of grandeur and comfort, perfect for anyone who appreciates a touch of history and architecture.

In conclusion, no matter your real estate preference, Qormi seems to have something for everyone. So, take your time, explore, and make your choice. The perfect home could be waiting for you in the charming town of Qormi.

The calculations are based on the Asking Price of properties listed on propertymarket.com.mt at the time of publishing.