5 Benefits of Using an Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Selling your home can be quite a stressful experience and you’ll need to decide how you will sell it; you can sell it privately, use a real estate agent or go to auction. While selling privately can offer savings on estate agency fees, selling your property through an estate agent is still the most popular way to sell.

Choosing a good estate agent can turn in to an investment when you’re making such a big sale as they offer advantages and incentives for you to get a quick sale at the highest price.

Here are 5 of the biggest benefits of using an estate agent to sell your home:


1. Accurate Valuations

We always recommend using a good local estate agent as they will know what’s selling and what’s struggling to sell in your local area. You can see who is your local agent with our Find an Agent feature.

Calculating the value of your house can be tricky. If it is undervalued you’ll lose money, whilst overvaluing it could scare off any potential buyers.

Estate agents sell homes for a living all day, every day and they know the local area, current house prices and what buyers are looking for. A part of their service is to give you an accurate valuation so you can maximize your sale.


2. Marketing Potential

Estate agents know where to market your property and how to attract interest in your home to the right buyers to secure a fast sale. All other methods of selling will not get you this quality of marketing exposure. A good estate agent will be able to market your home a lot more effectively than you can, using methods such as; ‘for sale’ signs, branch window displays, social media and online portal listings, just to mention a few. They will also have a list of potential buyers, who they can contact to let them know your property has come on the market.

3. Less Time and Stress

Selling a house can be very stressful and doing it by yourself will only add to the pressure. By selling your home on your own, you’ll be responsible for everything from dealing with enquiries and scheduling viewings to dealing with paperwork and overseeing the whole sale.

With an estate agent, they will oversee the whole process from start to finish, relieving you from all of this stress and saving you time too.

The estate agent will do a background check on any potential buyer to see that they can qualify to buy your property. This can save you a lot of time and effort as well as avoiding the possibility of having to put your home back on the market.


4. Professional Price Negotiations & Viewings

Negotiating prices can be awkward and requires experience. Making the wrong move, will cost you a lot of money. One of the best things about selling your home through an estate agent is that you can avoid direct negotiations with potential buyers. Professionalestate agents have years of negotiation experience and will act as a middle man to get you the best price possible for your property.
A good estate agent will meet potential buyers at your home and conduct the viewing as well as offering professional answers to any questions buyers may have about the home or the local area or property market.

5. Expert Advice on Hand

If you’re still unsure that using an estate agent is the right move, consider this; what would you do if something went wrong? A reliable estate agent will be there to offer support when problems arise and will help you to overcome any issues or disputes that are threatening the quick sale of your house.
In addition, an experienced estate agent can give you expert advice on complex legal and financial topics. You will also benefit from the estate agent’s broad network of relevant professional contacts such as surveyors, solicitors, removal companies and builders.

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