Commercial Real Estate in Malta: Are The Offices Disappearing

Remote Work vs Office Space: The Future of Workspaces in Malta

The Malta Business Network (MBN) is gearing up for an insightful event focusing on the evolution of workspaces. Titled ‘The Future of Work and what’s next for the office in Malta’, this upcoming panel discussion, set for later this month, will delve into several key topics:


  • The viability and future of remote working
  • The evolving role of office properties
  • Whether Malta has reached its saturation point in terms of office space

Organized by the MBN and led by property evaluator and MBN board member Justin Mizzi from Archi+, the event promises to offer a deep dive into these pressing issues.

The discussion, moderated by Belair Property’s managing director Ian Casolani, will feature an hour of dynamic conversation with experts such as:

  • Angelique Spina, director at PwC Malta
  • George Kakouras, managing director at Hili Properties
  • Lara Camilleri, COO at Expedition42
  • Catherine Hurley, head of global accounts at AIS Interior

Set to take place at The Grist at The Brewhouse, the event is scheduled for Monday, January 22, at 6pm.

Key points of discussion will include:

  • The current and future state of Malta’s office market
  • Reconsidering the traditional 40-hour work week and the 9-5 working day
  • Emerging trends in workplace dynamics and the impact of technology

In addition, the event marks the conclusion of MBN’s calendar of events for 2023, which wrapped up in December with a keynote address by Malta’s Finance Minister Clyde Caruana. In his speech, Caruana touched on crucial decisions regarding Malta’s tax regime set to impact the EU in 2024, emphasizing the need for economic growth without compromising the wellbeing and quality of life of Malta’s citizens. He also reiterated his vision for Malta’s economy to pivot towards prioritizing higher-value industries.